We learnt a lot before offering our services to you.

Company Amparo has offered its services since 2005. From the very beginning we have been influenced by strong assurance in that:

Internet enjoys vast potentials for the promotion of goods and services of any firm

Internet is the best way to choose any product or a service

We are just on the threshold of the Internet era. Further down the road there are immense horizons for its application in business and in everyday life.

For us these three things are so obvious and the understanding of how this should work is so clear that we can hardly imagine another sphere of activity to invest time and efforts.

But, of course, in order to make a good product it is not enough to have only convictions. Professional skills and experience are necessarily. Over the years of activities we have amassed inestimable experience in the development of different objects of visual communication. The highest – class professionals are engaged in our team, their inestimable knowledge and proficiency enable us to solve problems of any complexity.

Our product is not just a site or a portal; first and foremost, this is a tool with the help of which our client successfully solves commercial tasks, and its visitors – their consumer needs.


How to present tremendously depends on what present and to whom.

So that our product would successfully work for our client we study very scrupulously the objectives and problems facing him, we try to fall to the maximum into the field of his activities, investigating the predilection and the target audience behaviour scenario, assess the competitive environment.

This helps us to build up clear understanding of the direction to head out.

Thereafter, using the amassed knowledge and professional skills, we create a unique product, i.e., a custom designed development, which satisfies particular goals of a particular client, who works under particular conditions.

Yet, the main aspects of our work always refer to the design and software engineering.


Design is not just a flavourful picture.

The Site Design:

  • defines how everything will work;
  • stipulates whereat the site visitor would pay special attention;
  • in many instances determines the scenario of behaviour of visitors on the site;
  • helps in searching for information of interest;
  • exhibits thoughtful attitude toward a visitor.

So, a good design arises at a visitor the sensation of comfort and positively predisposes toward the company.
We place high emphasis on the creation of a sophisticated, flavourful and contemporary design.

Software engineering  

Without high-quality software engineering even a very good design turns into a mean parody.

Software engineering materializes a developed site design; therefore the proficiency of programmers eventually plays a pivotal role.

Our programmers are computer wizards.

They are able not only solve any task, but do that in the most efficient and delicate way: our software code is as nice, elegant and modern as the design of our sites.

For seven years of work we have learnt a lot, we permanently continue improving. Every our new product is better than the previous one – this is our credo, this captivates us, this is what our clients wait from us.

Give us an order for something for your business and you will like it!