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Redesign of the Royal Square Hotel & Suites Website, 2011


Royal Square Hotel & Suites is one of the most prestigious hotels in Riga. Luxurious decor of a 5-star hotel, exclusive service, location in the heart of the Old Town – the task was to create a design covering all these aspects. The website was redesigned so that it acquired new functionality, its navigation was little changed and accents were shifted. The website became more convenient, with new possibilities for contacting clients and more advanced design.


The design concept remained unchanged. For expressing the atmosphere of the Old Town, the front page background is decorated by the animated image of the hotel – silhouettes of people and cars are moving, flags are slightly waving in the wind, with the accompaniment of the street sounds combined with music. In order to reach the effect of silhouette movements, we applied the high-speed photography.

The interior page is section Rooms, visually presenting all types of rooms. Here "at hand" is also hotel reservation.

Section Restaurant and Bar. Description, video-presentation, gallery. In a word, everything for the virtual perception of the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant and exquisite dishes.

Reservation. Demonstrably, attractively and functionally. On the right you can review all reservation steps.