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Web sites

Hotel "Royal Square Hotel & Suites" website, 2008


Royal Square Hotel & Suites is one of the most prestigious hotels in Riga. Luxurious decor of the 5-star hotel, exclusive service, located in the heart of the Old Town all it had to be expressed in the design of the website.

Website homepage. In order to express the atmosphere of the Old Town, background of the website homepage is executed as animated image of a hotel – silhouettes of people and cars are moving, wind lightly wobbles flags. All it is accompanied by the sounds of the street, combined with the musical line. In order to achieve such effect of moving silhouettes, we used speed shooting frames. (Website navigation elements disappear if cursor is not moving within 5 sec.)

Website inner page is one of the rooms in the hotel. Gallery room photograph appears in the screen instead of the background of the page. By choosing different photograph in the gallery. We, respectively, change the background. Thus, the perception of the presence is created.

In fact, design concept is based upon images of luxurious hotel apartments. As they say, it’s better once to see...