Web sites

Web sites

Website for the presentation of the new building in Krasta Street 86, 2007

Both office premises and residential apartments were offered in the new building. This offer is for various target audiences, which provides for different approach to the prospective customer and various argumentations, therefore, the website homepage, which is the project screensaver, we are finding out visitor of the website, what they are interested in offices or dwellings (currently, on customer request, only office part is open on the website.

Website screensaver. One of the main values of this building is the view from its windows, therefore, in order to point it out to the prospective customer immediately, the website screensaver is just 3D visualisation of the view from the building walls. According to our idea, movement of the cursor would move the whole screensaver, allowing for observation of a wide panoramic shot, however, by customer request this function was disabled.

Part of the website, offering Office premises. The homepage.

Animated selection of floors and premises on the plan.
3D plans of specific premises..
Attractive and visual plans of all premises building plan.

Area map, drawn long ago specifically for the website.