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Company "DHB" website, 2008


DHB company is an old-timer in Latvian construction industry. History of the company began in distant 1960. Company had implemented such massive projects as construction of three – in Plavinas, Kegums and Riga, hydropower plants, Riga Heat Electropower Station No 2, Riga Arena, and many others. In order to communicate huge scale of projects implemented by the company to the website, ordinary methods and means are obviously insufficient. Something unusual and impressive was necessary.

The solution has been found – to show objects from bird’s eye view, besides, to show actual flying over objects! As a result, the website homepage is made of played videoclip, on the background of which thin website navigation panel is located (if mouse makes no move within 20 sec., then navigation panel disappears, and by clicking on the video, you can pause/play videoclip). It should be noted that shooting of such video and subsequent placing thereof in such a space on the website, is not a trivial task. Small airplane vibrated and rocked during the flight, and quality videoclip is way too large for placing it in the Internet. Therefore, in order to obtain acceptable quality bumpless picture of a minimal size, we worked really hard. Finally, the website creation process resulted in the whole project, in implementation of which involved were film shooting operator, video editor, musician and pilot; private jet was rented, in order to perform air video shooting and special shooting equipment.

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Webpage of one of the objects – brief object description on the background of a large photograph. There is a carousel with objects preview in the lower part of the webpage.


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